BHSSP Business Seminar Program

The Bar Harbor Summer Seminar Program (BHSSP) offers seminars tailored practically towards business, financial and professional audiences. Other courses are directed at understanding ethical and philosophical issues. Some programs fall into both categories. The BHSSP exists for three major reasons. First, lifelong learning is too important to be left exclusively to formal institutions of higher education. Second, intellectual and personal growth need not be divorced from more pleasant aspects of life, and can take place very effectively and enjoyably in inspiring contexts such as a Mount Desert Island “vacation.” Third, participation in the BHSSP can lead to sharing the experiences and wisdom of, and the formation of enduring relationships with, other active and interesting thinkers and doers. Sponsors include, Choice Plus LLC.


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The BHSSP is committed to maximizing the accessibility, affordability, and quality of experience and learning outcomes for its participants. Each weeklong session delivers the intellectual content of a traditional university course, but at lower cost in both time and money. (Assistance with documenting Continuing Education or Individual Study institutional equivalents and credit can be provided.) All programs 1. are presented by a lifelong educator with professional experience in the topic, 2. combine fundamental theory with real-world application, 3. provide a carefully designed and integrated learning experience based on active involvement and peer interaction among all participants, and 4. go beyond conventional and consensus thinking. Preparatory reading is provided for all programs, and sessions are held in Bar Harbor Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM, and again from 7 to 9 PM (evenings are often dedicated to outside speakers), with the afternoons off for personal or recreational pursuits. An important caveat and disclaimer is that legal or financial advice is neither intended nor provided in the BHSSP, and that professional advisors should be consulted before acting on information obtained.

The cost of each BHSSP session is $995/person for all instructional content, with food and lodging arranged and paid for separately and individually. A 10% discount is offered for multiple attendees registering and paying together for the same program, or for single individuals registering for multiple seminars during the same calendar year. Pre-arranged special lodging rates are available from several fine local establishments. Registrations (with payment) are accepted in the order received, up to each program’s limit, and payment can be made either by check or credit card. Cancellation and refund of already paid fees is possible (less external processing costs) until a program’s attendance limit has been reached and registration closed, after which only partial or substitution refund can be made. BHSSP seminars can also be tailored to and delivered at the home or off-site location of a corporation or educational institution, in either single week, multiple weekend or synchronous distance learning formats, or condensed for shorter delivery. Please write or call to inquire or schedule.

The founder and lead instructor of the BHSSP, Dr. Charles Sidman, retired as a Professor of Medicine and Business at age 60 after a full career conducting and directing biomedical research, teaching widely and with acclaim at the undergraduate through post-graduate levels, and lecturing or consulting at hundreds of university, business, industry or government organizations worldwide. His education includes AB and AM degrees in Biochemistry and a PhD in Immunology from Harvard University, an MBA in General Management from the University of Cincinnati, and sabbatical study in Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute. He is a member of numerous scientific and professional organizations including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the American Association of Immunologists, the Human Genome Organization, the National Speakers Association, the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, etc. Dr. Sidman now focuses his efforts on bringing innovative new technologies to practical real world application through Angel and Venture Capital investing. In this arena, his experience includes service to organizations of various scales and in different industries. He is a member of multiple Angel groups located across the U.S., manages an early-stage investment fund, and participates actively in national and international innovation and investment industry organizations including the Angel Capital Association, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, the European Business Angel Networks organization, and the World Business Angel Association. In these roles, he evaluates and advises hundreds of innovative entrepreneurs, technologies and business plans each year, and has invested in many. Founding and participating in the BHSSP combine these two interests and phases of his professional life, and recognize an abiding commitment to teaching and learning. Blog services provided by Seattle Web Design.